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aquarium gets an extreme makeover. first, thoe, a pastor and his wife from hay market, virginia, are back home from haiti with their adopted son. the warrens were trying to adopt for 12 years. time after time the adoption fell through. after meeting their son in haiti, they knew nothing, not even an earthquake will get in the way. we have more on their amazing journey. >> reporter: through the lens of pastor warren his new son is introduced to family. grandparents, aunts and uncles swarmed baby sterle. >> i'm so thankful. i ask our government please help the families that are still sitting at the embassy crying like i am. it's just a dream come true. one of the happiest days of my life. >> reporter: this emotional day has been months in the making. through the adoption process, everybody was almost set until january 12th when the earthquake hit and the adoption papers were destroyed. the warrens decided to return to haiti and bring him back themselves. with no paperwork it took nearly two weeks to overcome red tape. >> our haitian lawyer produced everything she could. we had friends in vi
into areas of virginia. what we are going to have is this line coming through with generally showers, probably moderate showers and temperatures that will be dropping in a hurry. the blue dot is where the wind damage was today. tomorrow, a cool one for us. we' don't expect to see the return of 80 degree heat for a while. >>> that massive ash cloud coming from a volcano in iceland grounded thousands of flights in europe and delayed passengers over the world. air space won't reopen until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest. many european travelers are scrambling to book train tickets but for those passengers trying to get across the atlantic from dulles, frustration is building. >> we were told we meant to rebook ourselves. we could have been on an earlier flight. >> it's stressful. i have work and a lot of things i have to get back to. >> british airways and other airlines canceled all flights in and out of london tomorrow. the ash cloud is impacting u.s. military flights, particularly wounded troops who need to be transported to medical facilities. patients from the frontlines in iraq
loophole where gun buyers make purchases no questioned asked. in the days following virginia tech massacre, authorities, including virginia's own governor urged governors to close it. this week we mark the third anniversary of the shootings, we ask the question again, as we mark the third anniversary, has anything changed and should it? in blacksburg, virginia, they are marking another anniversary this weekend, now three years since the shootings at virginia tech. flowers honoring each of the victims. rema samaha, one of them. there were the precious images of her dancing before the attack. >> it's not something you get through. just something you adjust to. >> samaha's family has been fighting to close a glaring loophole. gun shows where people buy guns without a background check, without any questions asked. it was a year ago, abc news followed her brother to this gun show in richmond, virginia. we gave him one hour and $5,000 cash. within minutes while still in line he bought his first gun. >> this is what? >> this is a glock. >> you got this before you even got in the show? >> yeah, he
hice actualmente en maryland la tasa de participacion es de 71% en el estado vecina virginia es de 73 % y la tasa de baja participacion la tiene el distrito de columbia con un 66 % porciento lideres del subcomite latino del censo en montgomery quieren que mas hispanos participen para obtener mas beneficios publicos el indice de respuesta es decir la respuesta de la comunidad en langley park es muy baja y entonces queremos que la gente entienda y queremos mandar un mensaje porque langley park es una comunidad latina queremos que afuera nos mire que langley park respondioy por eso estamos haciendo todo el esfuerzo desde el condado para que la comunidad entienda que estamos ahim con ellos la campaÑa de enviar el cuestionario del censo por correo termina el dia de maÑana pero apartir del 1ero de mayo las oficinas del censo contempla enviar a miles de encuestadores a los hogares donde no pudieron contestar el cuestionario a tiempo con la finalidad de que todos los estadunidenses sean contados en langley park maryland jose angel aguirre univision <
. >>> a somber anniversary today of the mass shootings at virginia tech. [ bell tolls ] >> a bell tolled 32 times in richmond today, one for each of the victims gunned down by a student back in 2007. governor bob mcdonnell led the ceremony reading the names of each victim and a crowd observed a moment of silence. the governor also declaring the commonwealth will hold a virginia tech remembrance day every april 16. >>> five men from virginia are about to stand trial in pakistan. tonight acquisitions of torture if it is case. details for you -- torture in the case. details for you next. >>> still some showers out there tonight. >> that's right. if you haven't had in i rain tonight, there's -- had any rain tonight, there's still a chance you might get some. there's a line coming across. >>> a quick check of some of our other stories in our rundown.  >>> we're following breaking news of a police car crash in fairfax county. it happened just about an hour ago. this video just into our newsroom. we know a police officer was involved in the accident at the intersection of -- [ ind
at virginia tech remembering the tragedy exactly three years ago today. >> lesli sherman. maxine turner, daniel o'neal. >> governor bob mcdonnell reading the 32 names of the victims gunned down by a student back in 2007. we report now on the lasting impact the massacre has had on blacksburg, virginia [ bell tolls ] >> reporter: a somber ceremony friday to mark the three-year anniversary of the massacre at virginia tech. >> cold, wind, snow flurry, heartbreak and tragedy in blacksburg, virginia. >> reporter: 32 people died on april 16, 2007 when student cho seung-hui opened fire on campus before killing himself. several memorial events were held on campus friday, including a balloon release and memorial run. >> remembering those that lost their lives on this horrible day but a day of rather bans for the families and those that -- remembrance for the families and those that work at tech and have to deal with this every day. >> reporter: governor mcdonnell expressed his own sympathies for victims' families and gratitude to the first responders. >> out of the tragedy became a dialogue here
-- pornographers. >>> on the cam tuesday of virginia tech -- campus of virginia tech, this has been a campus to recollect. >> people came to honor the 32 students and staff killed in a campus shooting spree three years ago today. the day included a 3.2-mile run and the release of 32 balloons in honor of the lives taken. >> this school meant so much to lesli. she felt so much a part of home here. >> that is tony sherman talking about his daughter lesli and the high school she attended west springfield. she was among the shooting victims at virginia tech. today west springfield high dedicated its newly surfaced track in memory of lesli, a model student and athlete. west springfield also awarded a college scholarship in her way. >>> democrats jim moran, bobby scott and gerald conley sent letters to urge a bill that lets private gun sellers to do backgrounds checks. >>> another matter now headed to capitol hill is whether to give the district a member of congress who has full voting rights. they'll bring up a bill for a vote next week. >>> and now president obama is strongly urging lawmakers to
was a salted -- assaulted on campus. >>> former virginia governor is criticizing another former virginia governor, tim kaine. he wants him to resign as the national committee chair. the loss of ted kennedy's senate seat has things changing. any d.c. chair must be a fighter. so far, tim kaine has not responded. >>> [inaudible] this time toyota is calling -- recalling their sienna minivan. they were sold in 20 states, including maryland, virginia and the district. toyota says cables could break and create a road hazard. for more informations, log onto our web onto our this latest recall comes as a house committee says it will hold another hearing on toyota's other problems. it will be next month on the sudden acceleration problems. toyota says it found no evidence of any electronic problems and they attribute the problem -- >>> frustration is growing in iceland and our area after volcanic ash is forcing airlines to ground airplanes. is not getting any easier for stranded passengers. it is a different -- dangerous situation for people living there. the volcano is awake. the multip
york this afternoon, allowing the rain in northern texas by the way. west virginia,west virginia, and across the region overnight, behind it the breeze to the northwest. low pressure over california will force the cooler air into the region. snow across michigan this afternoon and they had snow still going on across western maine and the higher elevations of new hampshire this afternoon. temperatures in washington were in the upper 20s with moderate snow this afternoon. yeah, here's the front getting ready to go through the region. to the north and west, it may be at 100-miles or so. clearing up nice. decent day. seeing clouds from time to time. it will be breezy and a lot cooler today. maybe getting up to around 60. not a bad day really, but cooler than we have seen. northwest winds up to 25 knots. there will be a small craft advisory on the bay tomorrow. the sunrise, 6:27. you will probably see that at 7:46. overnight tonight, more showers, and maybe a rumble of thunder or two. 5 a by morning -- 55 by morning. tomorrow, clouds and chilly compared to what we saw. 61 the high fo
as rainfall. and then showers coming across central virginia right now and confined south and east of the district as we talked about earlier. they are located around the eastern shore. and out towards salsberry maryland, and then calvert, st. mary's, seeing light rain showers. give it another two hours or so and you are looking at dry conditions. past 24 hours, there is a look at rainfall tallies. hagerstown picking up a little under an inch in the last 24 hours. and about 100th of an inch down towards pawtuxet river. yesterday we had a decent amount of rain but isolated in nature. and there are the temperatures starting back near the 50s in winchester, and 61 at national airport. the trend, again, will be falling temperatures throughout the morning, and then leveling off as we head throughout the weekend. and gust is gusting towards 39 miles per hour. and if you are heading out over the potomac waters there will be a small craft advisory, so watch out there. and then storms began to fall apart last night as the front approached. just to the north of the front, the cooler flow of
right after this. >>> the widow of one of the west virginia coal miners killed in the explosion is suing. she lost her husband of 33 years in the upper big branch mine explosion. she filed a wrongful death lawsuit. 29 miners died in that explos n explosion. the company has not commented on the latest violations. >>> this morning scientist say the volcano is growing more active. that means more delays for passengers all over the world. frustration is building for the passengers flying across the atlantic from dulles. >> we were told the wrong information yesterday and we were to rebook ourselves. we wasted 24 hours where we could have been on an earlier flight. >> i have things i have to get back to. >> you look at it, and it's amazing to think about where does that come from. a lot of people were wondering what would happen if a jet flew some of that dust? >> the flight ban is not optional, but nbc's tom costello explains why. >> reporter: for modern jet aircraft, volcanic ash could turn a flight into a plunge. it happened in 1989 over alaska. flight 867 from amsterdam to tokyo flew thr
accepted this invitation and am very grateful to virginia but what they don't know is i am mostly accepted the invitation because it gives me an opportunity too actually interact with cornel west who is so big and busy that he is not sufficiently available so here we are thrown together into this conversation but in all seriousness i think one of the things that is wonderful about the gathering is it allows us to consider people who are behind bars and to acknowledge them not only as a part of our humanity but also their membership of our social body. the book that is celebrated today "jailhouse lawyers" is a vote of addition to a growing literature that makes clear there is firebrand life behind bars. not solely in violence exploitive programs you may have seen on television but the act that we have deliberately as a society made of intellectually able individuals who toil and trouble under difficult circumstances to prove they are human. and before we go on to the larger subject i realize mumia abu-jamal was the subject of the conversation but as a social anthropologist at princeton let
of the district, and towards the northern neck of virginia. this is light rain, and so you folks seeing a little drizzle out there and that will move off to the east in the next couple hours, so you will see improvement throughout the mid morning hours. and then hagerstown, 54. and still low 60s at national airport and pointing southward. we will hold the temperatures in the low to mid-60s for the highs today. skies will be partly sunny, and the clouds will hang around for a while. the breeze will be up to 20 miles per hour, and similar conditions expected for tomorrow. aaron? >> thank you, justin. >>> more local news here in 25 minutes. back to new york. >>> and we're back on this saturday morning, the 17th day of april, 2010. it's been a wet, cool morning here in new york city, but we think everyone who has come out on to the plaza in spite of some of the weather, back inside studio 1a, i'm amy robach along with lester holt. and coming up on "today" the natural infidelity. >> is it cheating to lie about the way you spend your money? well, to your spouse. experts say keeping secrets about money
privilege of representing the hard-working people of virginia's seventh district. this week, americans from coast to coast send their tax payments to washington. your government continues to spend more and more. that means that your taxes are more and more. this has to stop. you can help stop it. the challenges and situations faced by families, small- business people, and young workers have no doubt made this tax day particularly painful. but as painful as it was, the truth is that the actions taken by speaker nancy pelosi, majority leader harry reid, and the obama administration are going to make the tax days of the future much, much worse. president obama has signed 25 tax increases passed by the democratically-controlled congress into law that will cost families and small- business people more than $670 billion over the next 10 years. many of these break the president's campaign promise not to raise taxes on families making less than $250,000 a year. in the house, speaker pelosi and her majority have passed legislation that will result in more than $1 trillion -- that is with a "t" -- in
in the investigation onto a massive block party out of virginia college. >>> also, was the check forged? former congressman eric massa defending himself. great day for soccer. >> we had last night's cold front come through. now our temperatures are a good 25 degrees colder than yesterday. we'll talk about a chilly night and cooler day on tap for sunday. hakeem, sounds like a big day in sports. >> huge day. georgetown center greg monroe makes a big decision about his future. livan hernandez drowns the brew crew. how will capitals respond in game number two? >>> a 49-year-old fairfax county woman who got onto an accident with a police officer last night has been charged with dwi. it happened around 9:30 on rolling road in springfield. investigators say christina zamarano pulled into the path of a police cruiser on its way to a burglary call. the police car had its lights and sirens on at the time. both were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. >>> police have seized photos from the student newspaper at james madison university. the pictures were taken during a block party. the editor in c
this is the last band. through virginia, maryland and new york and pennsylvania. you can see a cold front pushing through. dry conditions back to the west. clearing out in the ohio valley. and cooler air will be making the way in our direction tomorrow. other concern today has been strong gusty winds. oust southwesterlyer today that brought in that warm air mass. now they have shifted with that cold front. toward the northwest. 15 in baltimore right now. hagerstown. 14 in oakland. and winds will continue to be strong and blustery out there. overnight tonight and for the daytime tomorrow for saturday. temperatures though right now. still holding strong at 70 in baltimore. and 10-degree temperature change north in harrisburg. so you can see where exactly that cold front is. 55 in pittsburg. 52 in cleveland. and 46 degrees in chicago. so that's the cooler air mass coming our direction. overnight tonight. and sticks around for pretty much the weekend. and seasonal temperatures for where we should be, for the second week in april. so here comes the cold front. isolated rain showers. moving through. an
-qaeda leader in afghanistan. the five men are originally from virginia. there they are. and they're all accused of traveling to pakistan with the intent of carrying out terrorist attacks. evidence includes phone, call logs and retrieved e-mails. and according to lawyers, they show a contact with a militant leader. this comes as the mother of one of the detained men claims that her son was tortured by authorities in pakistan. >>> the senate ending the week on a firey note. a judicial confirmation hearing. the nomination providing a glimpse of the fight we could see over a supreme court seat later this year. caroline shively is in washington and has more. >> as the senate judiciary committee debates over an appellate judge, the hearing this is summer could get feisty. liu is a berkeley professor who is president obama's choice for a federal court. republicans blasted him on friday, saying he's a liberal and an activist judge. they also took issue with this harsh testimony that liu gave in 2006 during conservative justice aledo's hearing. he said, the judge's record in visions in america were poli
was the author of the original virginia statute on religious freedom that became the first amendment was against even having chaplains in congress or the armed forces. >> no, no, that's not what he wrote. no, no, no. christopher, you know that was discovered in writings 100 years after he died. >> what difference does that make? >> it's not consistent with the position -- >> what difference does that make? >> well, it's totally inconsistent. it's totally inconsistent. if you let me finish, i'll answer your question. >> tony, to christopher's point about -- >> let me finish. >> let me ask about christopher's point about the federal government involvement in this. a lot of people who don't want the federal government involved in many aspects of their lives seem to be arguing in favor of this notion the federal government having this national day of prayer. is there -- i mean, is there a certain hypocrisy there? >> what's next? no -- no one is being compelled to pray. >> government is demanding -- >> what happened yesterday was the government compelling you to pay taxes. calling the nation to set a
. >>> while insisting he was not wrong the first time about unions and the west virginia mine disaster, he get it's wrong again. and his competitors in worsts. two men fired a combined three times by cnn and nbc. and it's thurber night. stay tuned for four fables, including "the very proper gander." and choose any car in the aisle. choosing your own car? now that's a good call. go national. go like a pro. called it "one of the best family cars of 2009." the insurance institute for highway safety calls it a 2010 top safety pick. with automatic crash response from onstar that can call for help, even when you can't. we call it peace of mind. a consumers digest best buy two years in a row, chevy malibu. may the best car win. >>> the weekly visit with the works of james thurber brings us among other fables "the very proper gander." that's next. but tonight's worst persons in the world. tucker carlson, he said daily caller would be a news site conservative but nod id yo lodge cam, a detached version politico or huffington post, except they co-hosted a tea party event. grover norquist's americans for
virginia, to clean up their act. we'll talk about that. but we started with something i was really interested in, taking a trip to the grocery store. just take me through, i want to get in your mind a little bit here. so you're walking in. i want to shop right for my family tonight. tell me what i should do. what should i be thinking about, at least? >> the quickest and easiest lesson to learn is what my granddad taught me when i was 5 years old, everything in moderate and a little bit of what you like. i think once you've taken excessive snacking and fizzy drinks out of the equation and really you're in a place where, you know, you can have two fairly good meals in a day and a half decent breakfast. i mean, the biggest lesson you could generally learn is most -- most problems, i think, can be solved by cooking from scratch. >> so look for real ingredients, raw ingredients. >> absolutely. but, you know, even things like, you know, in england we have the full monty, full breakfast, english muffins, eggs, and there's a way of doing that with less than a blueberry muffin from one of y
of the area. leesburg looking at 57 degrees. marshall, virginia, 59. satellite and radar shows the clouds beginning to increase just to the north of us. western maryland looking at partly cloudy skies at this hour. tonight, temperatures fall into the 30's to lower 40's. winds will subside just a little bit under partly cloudy skies. coming up we will take a look at the extended outlook. we have a cooldown and a nice warm-up on the way. doug? >> sounds great, steve. thank you. coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00 the caps get ready to take the ice. are they ready for a comeback after that surprising loss in game one? the pope makes his first trip since the church sex scandal surfaced and what message did he deliver? and suicide bombers target a camp for refugees in pakistan. we'll have the latest on that deadly attack. next on abc 7 news at 6:00. hi, you cancelled your cable service? finally -- good riddance. [ door closes ] hi, i'm from xfinity here to tell you about our exciting new xfinity service. is this a joke? no, sir, xfinity is not a joke. it's an exciting new brand that we just invent
virginia. was widely known by americans across all races and classes at the time. he wanted to attack segregation in a way that, of course, would be successful, the law of the land at the time was plessy v. ferguson, a 19th century supreme court decision that established the doctrine of separate but equal. and those words never appear in the decision to be sure, but the law was that so long as states, so long as the government provides separate and equal facilities for african-americans and for white americans, the constitution is satisfied. houston could not walk into court and ask a district court judge to overturn separate but equal. it would not work. the district court judge result is to have authority to do so. and secondly it was the way individuals live their lives. so the question became how was he going to attack this? and i would just like to briefly read two paragraphs here, and i see two paragraphs because the legal strategy was so brilliant in its simplicity that it can be summarized in a very short number of words your of voters case is a ship. is wind is the law that h
showers are now leaving southern maryland and running into southeast virginia. it the clouds are beginning to break up a little bit. we're beginning to see some blue. details coming up in just a minute. >> are big story -- are big story this morning is the rest -- is the arrest. >> please make an arrest -- police made an arrest yesterday. where is the body? >> this is a picture of 16 year old and this is where she lived on -- in northwest baltimore city. she has been missing since march of 2009 and police believe she was murdered. >> we have made an arrest. this is a disappearance case of a 16 year-old. >> jason gross has been arrested and charged. he may have come into contact with her on a bus in eastern baltimore county off of eastern avenue. >> we believe she may have gone on a bus somewhere around eastern avenue in the north point area. this occurred in march of last year. >> stop long after she went missing in march 2009, this trash collection facility became the target of an intense police search. there were looking for her body. >> we were not able to find her body at that time. si
suit filed by the widow of one of the 29 miners killed in a west virginia coal mine explosion last week. the woman says massey's long list of safety problems amounts to negligence. and it that list is growing. federal investigators have found more than 60 new safety violations at massey mines since the blast. those violations include problems on a conveyer belt in a mine where a belt fire killed 2 people in 2006. euu >> susie: japanese automaker toyota said today it tested a luxury s.u.v. deemed a safety risk, and got the same results. that test came this week, after "consumer reports" magazine said the lexus g.x. 460 can roll over. toyota is looking at potential fixes for the problem. meanwhile, the automaker could be heading back to capitol hill for another round of hearings. the house energy and commerce committee has set may 6 to review the automaker's electric throttles. those throttles are at the heart of questions about sudden acceleration in toyota and lexis vehicles. >> the civil fraud charges against goldman sachs come as big bank of nov banks have sn big. rochdale securities.
and what should it be. host: let's go back to the phones. mclean, virginia, dennis on our line for independents. welcome to the "washington journal." caller: i want to bring attention to everybody's 401-k and all the money you got invested in these funds and various other instruments that are out there and put out a warning to you. you might to want put it into something a little more secure. this is far more indemocratic than you can possibly imagine. an independent commission needs to be set up. den kucinich would be a good person to set it up, barbara -- her name escapes me right now, but sheila barrett also a good person. they're very upstanding and good people, and they'll get to the bottom of this eventually. it will take about five years to get to the bottom of this because it is so wide and so deep that you cannot believe. host: thanks for you'll. let's move on to orlando, florida. danny on our line for democrats. caller: you know what? the folks up there, they are nothing but financial terrorists, ok? and the american public should realize what's going on now is the re
americans and an al-qaeda leader. five men from virginia are accused of planning terror attacks in the country of pakistan. >> gregg: california democratic state convention underway right now in the city of angels, los angeles. fireworks are over the race for the next governor and the front runners are the attorney general currently and former democratic governor jerry brown versus e-bay ceo meg whitman. in a state where voter registration does favor the democrats and in a race that would pit a seasoned political hand, jerry brown against a newcomer. polls show them neck and neck. casey stegall is live in los angeles. >> gregg, a long list of prominent politicians gathering at this convention over the weekend. the goal is to energize california democrats about the upcoming primary and general election in november. this all boils down to just what you were talking about, one race in particular. that, of course, is the one for government can sd the contenders are all here. the likely democratic candidate is the current attorney general of california, jerry brown, certainly has nam
. >>> the first wrongful death lawsuit has been filed in connection with that deadly west virginia mine explosion. the suit accuses the mine's owner massey energy of negligence. federal investigators have found more than 60 safety violations at the country's other operations since the explosion which killed 29 miners, no comment from massey. nearly one in three americans did not return their census form by friday's deadline. if you didn't send yours in, sen says workers will start knocking on doors starting may 1. >>> and finally, it's the golden rule at museums, please don't touch the art, but some museum owners have a little trouble with that because of a new exhibit featuring live, nude models. it turns out some of the models are getting groped. anyone who touches a performer will be kicked out a little ext extra blush for me this morning. >> nbc meteorologist former nude model bill karins here with a look at the weather. >> don't go google searching that. >>> let's check what's going on with the weather this morning. the afternoon temperatures are trying to tell the story, we're very mild in
to talk again because netherlands, let's talk about a couple from the u.s. they live in richmond, virginia. they left four kids at home so they can enjoy a trip to europe. here they are in the netherlands and they are stuck. they can't get back. they are on the phone or steve paterson is on the phone with me now. steve, give me an idea. you and your wife, you're there, safe, it's been a great trip. you had no idea you would be stuck for this long while your kids are stateside. your kids are under the care of your entire community? it has come together while you're stuck overseas. >> yes. that's right. i literally over the last three days spent hours on the phone and e-mails trying to coordinate extending childcare so we had a lot of folks jump in and help. it definitely is challenging, you can imagine. we had a great time here. we've been here for eight days now. we were supposed to go home yesterday. that flight got canceled. we got booked on another flight today. that obviously got canceled. we are now on a monday flight. we are hoping we'll be lifting off. there are lots of challenges.
mines run by massey energy since the explosion that killed 29 miners in west virginia. investigators say coal dust may be to blame for that explosion. >>> the leader of hewitt hutaree leader planning to rage war against the u.s. >>> toyota is recalling 600,000 sienna minivans because of spare tire cables that could rust. and toyota engineers have confirmed that the 2010 lexus gs-460 can roll over as "consumer reports" found in a don't-buy warning. >>> and finally, a wisconsin man has found what may be a piece of that fiery meteor that lid up the sky. the frag mant hment has a black trust. experts say he'll probably be coming home with a meteor -- >> how long did you work on that? >> a couple hours. >> we have a thing about puns here, jeremy. you're a guest, we'll let that slide. >> meteorites, volcanos. >> i feel like i'm twiddling my thumbs. >>> good morning to you. let's go to lubbock, texas. to the scene -- that's not lubbock, texas, yes, it is. lubbock has seen 10 inches of rain since january 1st. a record. you can see getting around town was not very easy. there was some structural
mines run by massey energy since the april 5th explosion that killed 29 miners in west virginia. investigators say preventible accumulationings of methane gas and coal dust may be the blame for that explosion. the leader of the hutaree militia told followers they should be ready to kill anyone who stumbled upon it. the leader and eight others are charged with planning to wage war against the u.s. >>> toyota is recalling 600,000 sienna minivans because of spare tire cables that could rust. and toyota engineers have confirmed that the 2010 lexus gs-460 can roll over as "consumer reports" found in a test that led to a "don't buy" warning. >>> and finally, a wisconsin man has found what may be a piece of that fiery meteor that lid up the skies over the midwest earlier this week. the fragment has a blackened crust and is about the size of a peanut which is a meteor right but experts say it could be a meteor wrong. >> how long did you work on that? >> a couple hours. >> we have a thing about puns here, jeremy. you're a guest, we'll let that slide. >> meteorites, volcanos. we're in dis
of this icon in the chesapeake bay, states of maryland and virginia put in these strict regulations on the catching of female crabs. each female crab can produce millions of baby crabs. their intention was to save a few more mothers so there would be mother babies. unlike polar bears or some other animal that takes a long time to grow to maturity and reproduce, blue crab dozen it right away so the comeback has been immediate -- two years. >> is the population of the blue crabs back up to the numbers it was in the early '90s? >> the decline really got worst in the late 'flint90s. they are back up to where they were in '97 but they were hundreds of millions higher than that in the early '90s, and in the past they were much higher. two or three years ago, where crabs were at was a historic low. there is still a long way to go to be back to what's considered historic populations. >> what do the blue crabs mean to the chesapeake bay? >> well, they're a keystone species, one of the few that are so well known. think about the chesapeake bay, it doesn't work without animals like this. so ma
and over it's a virginia and the rest of us drying out. we'll have the five day first warning weather in a home. >>> a registered sex offender pled guilty for killing two teens. he pleaded guilty to raping and killing a girl in march and he lead the authorities to another body. the familys are relieved. >> i'm thankful for the work put forth by the da's office and the defense team. >> he pleaded guilty and they won't seek the death penalty, he'll be in prison without patrol. >>> real life drama for danny glover. he was one of 11 people taken into custody because of a labor union protest. the union says they were protesting the dexo food services unfair and illegal treatment of workers. >>> there's new evidence against a pennsylvania school district that uses web cams to spy on students. they captured 400 photos of a 15-year-old student and one of them of the boy sleeping in his bed. there were also e-mails discussed watching the students. they only used the web cams to track stolen computers they said. >>> and a group of 5th graders performed heart surgery on a fake patient -- it was
and attended three tea party rallies throughout virginia and is with us now in studio. what bothered you about the comments? >> president obama's comments were condescending. these are people who love america and adhere to the constitution. i brought bumper stickers and all with me. they see unprecedented debt and government takeover from every aspect of our life from energy we use and money we earn to healthcare for our family and they want to preserve the american dream for our children. >> brian: you have been out there and at the tea party rallies. what is your sense of what is going on with the american electorate today? there is something happening and this is some evidence of it. what is happening? >> it's healthy. we're representing democracy and it doesn't run on automatic pilot. we, the people, don't want the lords on the potomac, elitists trying to dictate every aspect of our lives and put our children into just these burden of debt, say $400,000 second mortgage on every household. one young man in shen d d shan valley oh who said don't spend my future. >> brian: clinton said there
of pages and there was a letter from a coal mining family in west virginia. and then the next letter was from a republican, who really just like kennedy. she said she was looking forward to voting against the 1964 was going to be deprived of this opportunity. but in those letters, condolence letters are like condolence letters most of you so far have written. it goes to console the bereaved person, offers some reflections and that's what these letters did. what was in them, i quickly came to see there was much, much more. and what we could see was a snapshot of the country responding to a cataclysmic historical event at a specific moment in time and they were tremendously, to my mind, revealing. so i became convinced that they needed to be brought to life. i was very enthusiastic about this and have enough to to my colleague and i was on leave at the institute and i said i found this a major letters that the museum. but there is one hitch, i have to find these people. the copyright under the copyright lobby sided with the letter writer, even though the letter's are in the national ar
can no longer dominate elections. the episcopal church can no longer dominate virginia. so we got to build coalitions, and a coalition shift. but in the middle east it's very hard because you are loyal to your family and tribe, and no one beyond it. it's curious. when i was going up in the military, arabs can fight. we did ask ourselves the old question, what do arabs fight for? people fight for different things. arabs don't fight for states. in the arab world the state was always the enemy. in afghanistan, not arab of course, always, afghanistan was a city state of kabul. 2000 years ago. the city state of kabul with tributary cities. that's all that mattered. the caravan routes and cities, kept the tribes out. so there was no sense of cooperation, no sense of statehood, no sense of integration. but with arabs we say and can't buy because the israelis. i get a ringside seat for the latter half of the 2006 war. little legs standing watching things go off and tanks firing right beside it, et cetera, up in the northern border. they gave the idf a very hard time. part of it was the id
at the university of virginia center for politics. dr. ernst received his ph.d. from the woodrow wilson school of government and foreign affairs at the university of virginia in the spring of 2000. in his research focuses on the american political system with special attention given to citizen influence on a sub national politics and environmental policy. dr. ernst is best known for his work in the area of environmental politics and is considered a leading author on the chesapeake bay restoration program. beyond his words academic impact, his findings have been highlighted in numerous media outlets including the national public radio and the pbs frontline documentary titled, poison waters. his most recent book is "fight for the bay: why a dark green awakening is needed to save the chesapeake". also we have a orrin pilkey professor emeritus of earth sciences of founder and director emeritus of the program for the study of developed shorelines. within the nicholas school of the environment and earth sciences at duke university. as a result of the destruction of his parents' house, and wav land,
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